[ejabberd] logging in to admin

cjackson cjackson at localsurface.com
Sat Jul 2 23:03:26 MSD 2005

This must be simple, but oh well, I can't log in to web admin, can't get 
past the Apache prompt.

I installed ejabberd with apt-get on Sid Debian. Version 0.9.1-1

Using ctl I registered a user with a password.

In ejabberd.cfg...
Set the host to the computer name.
Created an admin acl.
The rest is the default Debian config.
mod_config2 is there to load
In the listen block, 5280, ejabberd_http is there with web_admin

And I restarted Ejabberd. And the 3 override acls are there.

Still I can't log in to web admin.

Hints anyone?

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