[ejabberd] eJabberd, clustering, DMZ and s2s

Tomasz Terka tomaso at plusnet.pl
Thu Jul 14 11:17:31 MSD 2005

I would like to establish two nodes eJabberd cluster with one node located in DMZ and two TCP connections beetwen LAN node and DMZ node. DMZ node would be responsible for s2s and Transport connections while LAN node would be the one to allow connections from users. This is the idea. But when I established the cluster it occured that s2s connections are initialized by node that connection c2s is established to. According to this thread: http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/node/198 describing similar problem this is impossible and even not planned to allow such configurations. But possibility of building security enhanced eJabberd configurations would be really nice, and is required by some enviroments. 
Does anyone here have experience in building similar configurations? Maybe someone else has an idea how to build something similar? Maybe there is something I have missed - possibility of disabling s2s module on LAN node or something similar?

Tomek Terka

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