[ejabberd] When to cluster...

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Mon Jul 18 02:26:23 MSD 2005

Le 15 juil. 05 à 23:31, Adam.Daughterson1 at EmersonProcess.com a écrit :

> My implementation of ejabberd is a success in my orginazation.   
> People from all over the world connecting to my little Slackware  
> box!  It's awesome for sure.  My question is whether or not to add  
> a node for redundancy/performance.  I read through section 4.2 of  
> the Guide, and was sort of confused regarding the tables of the  
> DB's.  Which tables would I move for redundancy?  Which for  
> performance?

I think clustering mainly provides redundancy and scalability. The  
last one means that you get extra performance if your first server is  
overloaded by many users connections. If you have reached your server  
capacity, you can split the users connected on two servers.

> Will a node running ejabberd 0.9.1 with the newest version of  
> erlang (release 6 I believe) be compatible with my 0.7.5 server?

No, because the data schema is different in the two versions.

Mickaël Rémond

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