[ejabberd] need to restart Ejabberd after signoff

Craig Jackson cjackson at localsurface.com
Mon Jul 25 17:34:39 MSD 2005

Craig Jackson wrote:
> cjackson wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is one of those weird problems that kinda gets tossed around 
>> mailing lists. But the issue is with Ejabberd so here is where I post.
>> I have a Debian box with Ejabberd  installed from apt-get version 
>> 0.9.1-2. This works perfectly on our internal network. However, we 
>> have road warriors accessing our net thru Openvpn 
>> (http://openvpn.net). They are able to sign in using Gaim just as if 
>> inside the network, but if they sign out, they cannot sign back in 
>> again until the ejabberd is restarted. The road warrior machines 
>> appear as if on our network in bridge mode, so to the ejabberd server 
>> there should be no discrimination. All traffic is allowed forward on 
>> this firewall interface. The firewall log shows that no ejabberd 
>> traffic is being blocked. The ejabberd log output here:
>>  =INFO REPORT==== 2005-07-24 20:21:52 ===
>> I(<0.445.0>:ejabberd_c2s:656): ({tlssock,#Port<0.295>,#Port<0.352>}) 
>> Opened session for cjackson at mail/Gaim
>> =INFO REPORT==== 2005-07-24 20:22:33 ===
>> I(<0.445.0>:ejabberd_c2s:1019): ({tlssock,#Port<0.295>,#Port<0.352>}) 
>> Close session for cjackson at mail/Gaim
>> =INFO REPORT==== 2005-07-24 20:22:41 ===
>> I(<0.229.0>:ejabberd_listener:90): (#Port<0.346>) Accepted connection 
>> {{192,168,190,73},1395} -> {{192,168,190,32},5222}
>> But the error on the Gaim client is "cjackson at mail/GAIM has been 
>> disconnected"
>> "read error"
>> The error on subsequent attempts is the same but instead of "read 
>> error", it is "couldn't connect to host"
>> Yet if I restart the ejabberd server, the user can sign in normally. 
>> After repeated attempts to sign in without restarting the ejabberd 
>> daemon, the ejabberd daemon simply dies.
> I see now that this has nothing to do with Openvpn. This same problem is 
> occuring inside the network. That's strange because it was working fine 
> on Friday.

Somehow the configuration file was overwritten. WTF?!? Nevermind.

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