[ejabberd] Privacy Lists

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Wed Jul 27 04:19:43 MSD 2005

Hello, Remko!

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 17:24:07 +0200, you said:

 RT> Hi, I've been playing with privacy lists in ejabberd 0.7.5, and have a few
 RT> questions. Maybe they are already tackled in 0.9.1.

 RT> The fallthrough case seems to ignore the finer grained presence-in,
 RT> presence-out, iq, and message child elements. I.e., it seems to be either
 RT> allow all or deny all, regardless of whether there are child elements or
 RT> not. Is this normal ?

This is fixed in SVN version.

 RT> I have a certain group of which i block all incoming presence. While
 RT> normal presence is indeed blocked, i still get the error presences
 RT> attached below from some contacts when logging in. I would expect these to
 RT> be blocked as well, although i am not sure what the spec says.

There is the following note in RFC3921, section 10.10:

Note: Presence notifications do not include presence subscriptions, only
presence information that is broadcasted to the user because the user is
currently subscribed to a contact's presence information. Thus this includes
presence stanzas with no 'type' attribute or of type='unavailable' only.

So it works according to spec.

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