[ejabberd] Problem with start ejabberd

Andrzej Smyk andrzej.smyk at kolporter.com.pl
Thu Jul 28 10:26:35 MSD 2005


I've just downloaded new files from svc and compiled.
When i was trying to run my old mnesia and other files with new ebin and
priv\lib i get error:

=INFO REPORT==== 28-Jul-2005::08:18:44 ===
    application: ejabberd
    exited: "invalid return value from ejabberd_app:start(normal,[]) ->
{'EXIT',\n                                     {badarg,\n
[{erlang,\n                                              list_to_atom,\n
[[101,\n                                                108,\n
100,\n                                                97,\n
112,\n                                                95|\n

What is wrong? Has anybody any idea?


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