[ejabberd] Wondering what the problem with ejabberd@jabber.ru is...

Adam.Daughterson1 at EmersonProcess.com Adam.Daughterson1 at EmersonProcess.com
Fri Jun 10 17:35:41 MSD 2005

Hello unresponsive masses,
I have been part of many of these mailing lists and have usually received
SOMETHING, even if that something is "You need to google this!", or whatnot.
I previously asked a question regarding ejabberdctl not seeing the node that
I have started from /etc/rc.d as opposed to ejabberdctl seeing the node when
I start it from the command line.  In my mind this is a very interesting
behavior for not only ejabberd, but ejabberdctl as well.  I can perform most
admin tasks from the web interface, so it is mostly curiosity that drives
this question, although it would be very nice to make a backup or reload the
config file from time to time.
The point to this posting is this:
if the Open Source "Bazaar" is to function, the primadonna elitist's out
there are going to need to remember that there are many levels of users of
the systems available, not just newbies and gurus.  Since this mailing list
exists, it should then be susceptible to the same rules and etiquette of any
other mailing list anywhere else in the rest of the world.  This means
answering questions, even if that is an inconvenience to the poor soul that
opened themselves up to this type of experience in the first place by
starting down this sort of path.
Good Day,
Adam Daughterson 
Micro Motion IT Support Desk
 <mailto:adam.daughterson1 at emersonprocess.com>
adam.daughterson1 at emersonprocess.com
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