[ejabberd] ejabberd Linux installer (beta installer version for 0.9.1)

José Manuel Macías jmanuel.macias at rediris.es
Fri Jun 17 15:07:20 MSD 2005

El Jueves, 16 de Junio de 2005 20:07, Mickaël Rémond escribió:
> > I don't think SSL libraries are included.
> They are included, but I did not try it. I will see on my install if  
> it works.

   Please, confirm that it works your you, and if possible, provide
  the configuration section you used. 

> Did not try it either. What is your LDAP schema ? Are you using a  
> standard schema ?
    It seems it's trying to connect, so it might work... sniffing the traffic
  with ethereal, it seems it tries to connect with our ldap server, though
  we use a non-standard port for LDAP and this is causing problems. Is 
  there any way to specify the port to be used in ldap auth? Btw, any 
  way to specify search filters? (I want to restrict the group uf users that
  have the right to use jabber)
    Regarding your question, I'm using different schemas. I only want
  to authenticate users at this moment. Then I'll try to store vcards and
  roster information in our LDAP server...

> I will try to progressively add new features...


> Normally the web page open by the start script has a reminder of the  
> full admin login to use.
> Tell us if this is working properly.

   Yup. I realized about it just after sending my message... argh!


   josé manuel.

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