[ejabberd] access to the shell of a node started with -detached option

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Wed Jun 29 00:31:00 MSD 2005

Le 28 juin 05 à 19:16, Felipe a écrit :

> how can I do this?
> I want to type some commands like mnesia:info()., nodes().,  
> net_adm:ping(node)., etc.
> But my server has been started with -detached option, so I can't  
> get access to the shell.
> I think this is possible, right?

You can try to start a new shell with the erl command line option -remsh

erl -sname test -remsh ejabberd

You have to start the detached node in networked mode:
erl -sname ejabberd

for example.

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond

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