[ejabberd] Installation of Erlang with OpenSSL on Solaris

María Isabel López Sánchez-Huete marisa at ugr.es
Tue Mar 8 16:49:48 MSK 2005

Greetings all,

Sometime ago, I instaled a jabberd1.4 server in a system, and was trying 
this tool for a time. At this moment, I think ejjaberd offerts much more 

I'm trying to install ejjaberd. After having read all that I could find, 
I'm still in need of expert help.

I'm now installing Erlang R10B3 on Solaris 8 (Sparc) with openssl-0.9.7e 
to include the crypto application.

The openssl was installed perfectly as a software package in my system.

Running ./configure however - still tells me that OpenSSL is not found 
in /usr/local/ssl (which is where it is installed). Exactly the error was:
**********************  APPLICATIONS DISABLED  **********************
crypto         : No usable OpenSSL found
ssh            : No usable OpenSSL found
ssl            : No usable OpenSSL found

Thanks for your help

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