[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap Usage?

Gregg Berkholtz ejabberd at gbcomputers.com
Tue Mar 8 23:41:39 MSK 2005

I'm trying to utilize our existing LDAP database for vCard lookups/JUD
searches. I've found references towards using mod_vcard_ldap, but no
actual documentation. In addition, mod_vcard_ldap.erl doesn't point out
anything obvious that I need to do/configure.

I've already got LDAP authentication working between ejabberd and
OpenLDAP. Other than changing the ejabberd.cfg entry from mod_vcard to
mod_vcard_ldap what else do I need to do for a successful search? My
actual config entry follows:
   {mod_vcard_ldap, []},

The only functionality I'm looking for at this point, is giving my users
the ability to search for and obtain each-other's JID.

Thanks greatly,
Gregg Berkholtz

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