[ejabberd] Installation of Erlang with OpenSSL on Solaris

Nicolas Niclausse Nicolas.Niclausse at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Mar 10 16:26:36 MSK 2005

>>>>> "María" == María Isabel López Sánchez-Huete <marisa at ugr.es> writes:

 María> 	Ooopsss, sorry, I'm a stupid.  I tried again: I write
 María> correctly the option, but I obtain the same result: #
 María> ./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl (...)  

it's used by the configure script in erts:

$otp_src_R10B-3 >./erts/configure --help | grep ssl
  --with-ssl=PATH         specify location of OpenSSL include and lib
  --with-ssl              use SSL (default)
  --without-ssl           don't use SSL

so it's '--with-ssl'

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