[ejabberd] DB communication problems

Sergio Medina smedinavallejo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 12:01:06 MSK 2005

Hi all,

First of all sorry if you received my last email with the legal
warning about who can read, distribute or archive this email.
Now the questions:

I'm trying to set up an ejabberd cluster with two Debian nodes. I
installed the first node and then followed the steps in the "Ejabberd
Installation and Operation Guide" with the second.

1st question: I must start first node and then second one for getting
both listening on ports (5222, 5223, ...) If I reverse the order of
starting "/etc/init.d/ejabberd start" first node starts process but
don't listen ports. Is this normal?

2nd: After that, If I enter in  web admin -> Nodes I can see first as
running and second as stopped, but it isn't. In the web admin -> Nodes
of second only is shown second (as running). What I must do for they
"talk" each other?

3rd: I think this question is related to 2nd: I can create accounts in
both nodes for example user1 at first.domain and user2 at second.domain, and
they can talk each other (connections s2s works). I would like the
users DB was the same so users could connect to any node. Solving 2nd
question would solve this problem?

4th: I get the next error in tkabber while trying to discover services:
Error consiguiendo información: Unrecoverable Error (Feature Not
Any idea?

5th: I would like the service be fault tolerant. Should I make all
tables be disk_copies or disc_only_copies in both nodes?

Thank you all.

      Sergio Medina

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