[ejabberd] DB communication problems

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Fri Mar 11 12:50:47 MSK 2005

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 10:01:06AM +0100, Sergio Medina wrote:
> 2nd: After that, If I enter in  web admin -> Nodes I can see first as
> running and second as stopped, but it isn't. In the web admin -> Nodes
> of second only is shown second (as running). What I must do for they
> "talk" each other?

They must have the same erlang cookie, but that's described in the guide
so maybe you already did this.

> 3rd: I think this question is related to 2nd: I can create accounts in
> both nodes for example user1 at first.domain and user2 at second.domain, and
> they can talk each other (connections s2s works). I would like the
> users DB was the same so users could connect to any node. Solving 2nd
> question would solve this problem?

You should configure the hostname of your jabber server to be "domain".
Make sure the ports are reachable on "domain" (you can add load
balancing by doing that with round robin to each of the 2 nodes).

> 4th: I get the next error in tkabber while trying to discover services:
> Error consiguiendo informaci?n: Unrecoverable Error (Feature Not
> Implemented)
> Any idea?


> 5th: I would like the service be fault tolerant. Should I make all
> tables be disk_copies or disc_only_copies in both nodes?

I'd say no. The defaults are conservative. Eg. why would you store
_presence_ data on disk? This is the kind of stuff that expires within
minutes, whereas offline messages are archived on disk of course.

Putting something like presence data on disk would generate loooots of
useless disk activity ;))

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