[ejabberd] LDAP random access and unable to publish vcard

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Sat Mar 12 03:22:56 MSK 2005

Hello, Fernando!

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:47:42 +0100, you said:

 FdlRS> Hi all, I "successfully" compiled and installed ejabberd but something
 FdlRS> very strange happens to me now. For a while all was running apparently
 FdlRS> right but now ejabberd behaves in a way I cannot understand. I try to
 FdlRS> connect with the Psi client, with 4 accounts at once that exists in my
 FdlRS> LDAP server but they connect randomly, I'm serious. Sometimes 2
 FdlRS> connect, sometimes 1 or all them. The ones that cannot connect keep
 FdlRS> trying until I turn off the client. The ones that do sometimes can
 FdlRS> publish the vcard correctly, some others keep trying but they can't,
 FdlRS> some others crash with a blank reason, etc. I happens through port 5222
 FdlRS> in plain text and through port 5223 in plain text over SSL. I paste
 FdlRS> here a tcp session dump, my ejabberd.cfg and my ejabberd run
 FdlRS> script. Bye the way, I run it under ejabberd account, I already checked
 FdlRS> the file permissions and it does the LDAP queries and they seem
 FdlRS> correct.  Thanks in advance and sorry for my english :s.

What you see in ejabberd.log and ejabberd.sasl.log when clients connect?

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