[ejabberd] How to set system access rights correctly?

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Sat Mar 12 03:50:08 MSK 2005

Update: If moving ejabberd out of its testbad doesn't work, I move the
entire testbed. I have now completed the system integration and
running/stopping/testing ejabberd works alright now. I needed to do the

chown jabber:jabber /usr/local/ejabberd/{logs,spool}
chmod 750 /usr/local/ejabberd/{logs,spool}
chown root:jabber /usr/local/ejabberd
chmod 750 /etc/ejabberd
and grant the jabber user access to my SSL certificate

So I copied the src/ directory to /usr/local/ejabberd and created the
subdirectories logs and spool and changed the run script accordingly.

This should work fine. The only problem is that ejabberdctl needs to be
run from the directory where it is and it needs to be in the directory
where all the other ejabberd files are in. Otherwise it will crash. But
that cd in the shell script doesn't bother me.

Next thing will be importing the 3 or 4 account I already have. :D

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