[ejabberd] Important fix

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Mar 15 21:04:58 MSK 2005

>> Sorry, this patch fixes only part of problem.  Corrected patch:
>> --- inet_db.erl.orig    Sat Mar  5 01:31:50 2005
>> +++ inet_db.erl Tue Mar 15 10:58:50 2005
>> ...
> is there an anoncvs server for ejabber-current?  or even a numbering
> system for the patches and a repository for them with published md5
> signatures?  i am reluctant to just drop things in on my own.

first, this is for erlang not ejabberd, so it's a somewhat side 

but have faith, the two patches dropped in to my freebsd-current
port tree with minimal editing


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