[ejabberd] vjud question

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Wed Mar 16 20:39:34 MSK 2005

when i do "search" on an ejabbed vjud from within psi (cvs), i'm told to

     Fill in the form to search for any
     matching Jabber User (Add * to the
     end of field to match substring)

and sure enough if i put "v*" in the User field and click "Search", i get
a listing including my own JID ("vixie").

but what if i want to see all of them?  in a small community like this
particular jabber server -- a few dozen names at most -- the best way for
folks to subscribe to eachother's presence is by looking at the whole
directory, not by searching, and not by listing all names starting with a,
all names starting with b, and so on.

i expect that this is really a "psi" problem but i thought i'd ask here.

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