[ejabberd] Bugs in roster handling.

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Thu Mar 17 01:47:09 MSK 2005

Sure, sorry, I tried to make my first email clear enough without going
into too much detail and making the email very long.

This is what is currently happening with ejabberd.
User A and User B are attempting to add each other to their rosters.
User A tells his client that he wants to add User B.
User A sends <iq type='set' id='add1'><query
jid='userb at server.com'><group>B</group></item></query></iq>.
User A also sends <presence to='userb at server.com' type='subscribe'/>.

User B receives <presence from='usera at server.com' to='userb at server.com'
User B also receives <iq from='userb at server.com' to='userb at server.com'
type='set><item subscription='none'
jid='usera at server.com'/></query></iq>.
User B accepts or declines and things continue.

It is that last roster stanza which I was asking about, should ejabberd
really be sending that stanza. My original reading of the rfc didn't
find any mention of that stanza and so I assumed it was a bug, I was
convinced that while it is not exactly in line with the requirements of
the rfc it is also not forbidden and as such should be dealt with. (The
client bug which this was triggering is being fixed.) The question
therefore is should ejabberd in fact be sending this stanza, is it
something that is desirable, I'm not convinced that someone should be
added to my roster simply by asking to add me to their roster, rather it
should only occur when I accept the subscription request (I list them as
having subscription='from').

I hope that clears things up, if I need to explain more let me know.


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