[ejabberd] My ejabberdctl is broken

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Thu Mar 17 20:06:02 MSK 2005

On 17.03.2005 07:40 (+0100), Sergei Golovan wrote:
> It's arguable when "current" is better than "stable with critical updates"
> which is offered by Debian stable.

PHP 4.1.2 isn't any usable for sure when you run public webhosting
services. It may be safe but nothing else. I'm not sure for the other
things right now.

> ejabberd (and ejabberdctl) *is* working when is built from source. The author
> just didn't pay much attention for making ejabberdctl convenient to user.
> For example: 1) one have to run ejabberdctl from ejabberd install directory,
> 2) ejabberd has -name option hardcoded while user could run ejabberd with
> -sname option.

OK, I can run ejabberdctl from the install dir, this is no problem. If
this is intended, I can very well live with it. And I don't care for
-[s]name, if it's true that this only affects clustering.

But it doesn't work right now for a database dump. Sorry, I have no idea
about Erlang, don't even understand the language's syntax rules or their
meaning. But it might have been the case someone knows about the bug I
reported and had a solution for it or would even have accepted this to
be a bug.

I'll continue to try it on my own, maybe I'll understand ejabebrdctl one
day and can find the bug myself. Maybe it's fixed until then.

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