[ejabberd] j-eai and ejabberd status

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Fri May 6 19:51:52 MSD 2005


Here is a short update on the short-term plan for J-EAI and ejabberd,  
as it is important for the people closely following the development  

- The integration of the next release J-EAI 1.0 beta5 is planned for  
the end of the month end of may 2005). It is currently being tested  
and the test is extended to lead to a robust version. It will support  
virtual hosting and will be based on ejabberd 0.9.1.

- ejabberd 0.9.1 is planned for something like two week times. It  
will be a bugfix release. It includes several new or completed  
interface translations. This release will improve Multi-User Chat  
support (update to latest JEP0045) and others features that are  
currently evaluated.

- ejabberd 0.9 has been included in the beta version of the Erlang  
REPOS CDROM 1.2 beta 4 (the version of J-EAI included is for now 1.0  
beta4). It can be downloaded from http://download.erlang-projects.org/ 

Note that ejabberd 0.9 (http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ 
ejabberd/download.html) is now used with virtual hosting features in  
important production environments, including jabber.ru and xmpp.ru.

The development version can be accessed with a Subversion client. See  
details at the boottom of the download page: http://www.process- 

Things are moving :-)


Mickaël Rémond

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