[ejabberd] Postgres Support

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos fbv at trf4.gov.br
Fri May 20 01:27:03 MSD 2005

The support is only to new user data bases or can I use the postgres 
support to store the data, roster, messages, etc. AND keep 
authentication method external?

I mean, here we use a LDAP base to authenticate the users at ejabberd, 
but it should be very nice to store data (roster, vcard) on a database 
like postgres. I think that future migrations of the server would be 
extremely easy.

Thank you guys.

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos
Suporte Linux - fone (51) 3213-3624
Secretaria de Recursos Tecnológicos - Diretoria de Informática
Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região 

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