{Spam Encontrado} Re: [ejabberd] migration 0.7.5 -> 0.9 again

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos fbv at trf4.gov.br
Tue May 24 02:29:04 MSD 2005

Mickaël Rémond wrote:

> Le 21 mai 05 à 00:28, Felipe Brito Vasconcellos a écrit :
>> I didn't work. I think it is because of the hostname. The old  mnesia 
>> was in the lnxim machine and the new one is in the lnxaplic  machine.
>> Is there a tool to change this in mnesia files?
> What you should do is:
> - export the data from your database in text file (text dump) from  
> your first host.
> - Import it in version 0.7.5 on the new host.
> - Check that it is working
> - Upgrade to ejabberd 0.9
> I hope this helps,
Allright! I have done the dump. I got a file ejabberd.dump with 
everything in text mode at /etc/ejabberd/ and inside it the only 
reference is to the ejabberd host. Great, that is what I need. No 
reference to the machine.

But, it seems that the restore is not working. Where do I have to put 
the file to be restored? I tried /etc/ejabberd but it seems not to be 
working. Nothing is restored.

Help? Again.. hehe

I am almost there!

Thanks a lot.

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos
Suporte Linux - fone (51) 3213-3624
Secretaria de Recursos Tecnológicos - Diretoria de Informática
Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região 

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