[ejabberd] two nodes

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos fbv at trf4.gov.br
Wed May 25 00:06:17 MSD 2005


I was thinking around, and...

What would happen to the roster if I set up another erlang node and 
ejabberd server?

I mean, the complete roster base is at lnxim, and I would set up another 
one, at lnxaplic. Can I use the same jabber host name? The server at 
lnxim is named icq2 (so, the roster is abc at icq2). Can I set up another 
one at lnxaplic called icq2 too? And then, I would shut down the server 
at lnxim and keep just lnxaplic with the roster base.

Is that possible? Thanks folks!

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos
Suporte Linux - fone (51) 3213-3624
Secretaria de Recursos Tecnológicos - Diretoria de Informática
Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região 

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