[ejabberd] help with config LDAP Auth. lots of problems & no logs

Jean-Yves.Lebleu at Alcatel.fr Jean-Yves.Lebleu at Alcatel.fr
Wed May 25 15:05:40 MSD 2005


I've installed yesterday release 9.1.0 which is using LDAP 
authentification and it works well.
( The upgrade from 7.5.0 did'nt work I had to reinstall everything ...)

I left ldap_rootdn and ldap_password to blank, as I do not have the ldap 
  admin password.
So try with this config :

{a-uth_method, ldap}.
{ldap_servers, ["LDAP_server_IP"]}. % List of LDAP servers
{ldap_uidattr, "uid"}. % LDAP attribute that holds user ID
{ldap_base, "o=empleados,o=juntadeandalucia,c=es"}. % Base of LDAP directory
{ldap_rootdn, ""}.
{ldap_password, ""}.

and don't forget to disable internal authentification


Miguel Angel Marin wrote:
> -- My configuration file has the following contents:
> --
> -- {a-uth_method, ldap}.
> -- {ldap_servers, ["LDAP_server_IP"]}. % List of LDAP servers
> -- {ldap_uidattr, "uid"}. % LDAP attribute that holds user ID
> -- {ldap_base, "o=empleados,o=juntadeandalucia,c=es"}. % Base of LDAP directory
> -- {ldap_rootdn, "cn=jsanchez,o=juntadeandalucia,c=es"}.
> -- {ldap_password, "jsanchez-password"}.
> --
> -- isn't there an attribute called "ldap_passattr" or something like that?
> -- How does it run? How can I see a log or something like that where I
> -- can see the interaction with LDAP (in ejabberd.log I don't see
> -- anything related to this)
> I've read that "the client doesn't send the password in  Plain Text",
> but what does it means? My LDAP user (jsanchez) which is the one I use
> to log with ejabberd has "clear password" should I change it?
> Must I use crypted password?
> I set up the LDAP attribute that holds user ID but what about  the
> attribute that holds the user Password? isn't it configurable?
> Is there any guide to set up this correctly? don't know how to do this!
> Thanks a lot!
> On 5/25/05, Alexey Shchepin <alexey at sevcom.net> wrote:
>>Hello, Miguel!
>>On Tue, 24 May 2005 19:17:35 +0200, you said:
>> MAM> Hi you all!  I'm really dissappointed because of The LDAP auth. feature
>> MAM> of ejabberd seems not working. I've tried to configure by thousand ways
>> MAM> and it doesn`t appear to run ok.
>> MAM> What's the funcionality? I set up the ejabberd params to acces the LDAP
>> MAM> directory and when I'm logging in with an user and passwd it look the
>> MAM> directory to confirm those parameters. isn't it? (if it's true, I'm not
>> MAM> giving ejabberd the param of the target which have the password value,
>> MAM> for example)
>>It uses "bind" requests to check user password.  If you need another way to
>>autentificate users, please, describe it in bugzilla[1], preferably with
>>examples of LDAP records.
>>[1] http://www.jabber.ru/bugzilla/index.cgi
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