[ejabberd] help with the start and stop of a ejabber server

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos fbv at trf4.gov.br
Tue May 31 02:49:04 MSD 2005

Alexey Shchepin wrote:

>Hello, Felipe!
>On Fri, 27 May 2005 11:19:41 -0300, you said:
> FBV> Hello.  I have done here a shell script (it is attached for those who
> FBV> want to use it too) to start, stop, restart and status of my service. A
> FBV> good thing is to put it at /etc/init.d on a suse system and then you can
> FBV> start and stop it using yast and runlevel editor. So, you can tell to the
> FBV> system this service should start at boot time or not.
> FBV> I renamed it to rcejabberd. But you can put the ejabberd at /etc/init.d
> FBV> to see a service named ejabberd in runlevel editor. Then you can symlink
> FBV> it at /usr/sbin/rcejabberd to have the behavior of a suse system.
> FBV> You can type rcejabberd start | stop | restart | status
> FBV> Start execute the comand below.
> FBV> The problem is with the STOP behavior. Here I look for every erlang
> FBV> process and get their PIDs and then kill them.
> FBV> Here -> erlang=$(ps ax | grep -i erlang | grep -v grep | awk '{print
> FBV> $1}')
> FBV> So, I want to improve this behavior to a more smoothly one. :)
>Killing ejabberd is an easy way to damage its database :)
>ejabberdctl command provides stop, restart, and status commands, so better to
>use it instead.  Also you can take a look at ejabberd/examples/mtr/ejabberd for
>example of NetBSD init script, or Debian ejabberd package and FreeBSD ejabberd
>port for another examples.
>ejabberd mailing list
>ejabberd at jabber.ru
Using this

echo "rpc:call('ejabberd@`hostname -s`', init, stop, [])." | \
             su jabber -c "/usr/local/bin/erl -sname ejabberdstop"

I still got a epmd process running on the machine. I want to take it off 
my running processes list. Is it possible without  the kill method?

Felipe Brito Vasconcellos
Suporte Linux - fone (51) 3213-3624
Secretaria de Recursos Tecnológicos - Diretoria de Informática
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