[ejabberd] CPU Utilization on ejabber servers

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Thu Nov 3 19:10:36 MSK 2005

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 05:42:00PM +0200, Tiaan wrote:
>    I've looked at the "+P" erlang parameter as well as the "+A" and "+h"
>    parameter, but not I'm not to sure how these parameters will influence the
>    system, and what to change them to. Can someone please advise what the
>    best settings will be for the current user load, or a equation on how to
>    determine optimal values would be useful.

Not that I know Erlang, but I'm afraid such an equation would have to
take an awful lot of variables into account.

1. file descriptors, every TCP connection (2 connections for any
connected server, 2 for every client, IIRC). They can run out! Default
is 1024 on Linux systems but many init scripts of ejabberd increase it.
2. user activity / behaviour. are they sending each other a lot of
messages? or just working and sending 1 message every hour?
3. if there's memory free, then you installed too much memory. Or: you
can store more things in memory instead of on-disk (note that this can
be dangerous in case of power-loss, data can disappear).
4. much more that I forget.


1. what is your ejabberd version? how many service packs installed for
2. what is the actual load average you get? note that load average is
the number of processes active at the same time (don't know if Windows
uses this concept). What is CPU utilization? (percentage).

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