[ejabberd] CPU Utilization on ejabber servers

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Thu Nov 3 21:26:40 MSK 2005

Op donderdag 03 november 2005 18:53, schreef Andreas van Cranenburgh:
> Good point. But: I deliberatly didn't mention FreeBSD cause I wanted to
> mention "easy-to-install" stuff, where you never have to compile. That's
> a relative concept. This is no flamewar. :P

1*) Install the ports during FreeBSD installation.
2*) Create a script to update the ports by using a simple tutorial.
3*) Install Portinstall using the ports.
4) Type "portinstall ejabberd" and wait passively until it is installed.
5) Change some stuff in the ejabberd config file.
6) Eventually add a line to /etc/rc.conf to automatically start ejabberd after 
a reboot.
7) Start ejabberd.

(*) Only needed once.

> Enabling epoll on Debian/Ubuntu might be easy. I might investigate.
> Anyone who already did it? Please post HOWTO to
> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru :)

You probably need to compile a patched Erlang; at least more difficult than 
FreeBSD ;-)

> I am currently in the process of collecting hardware for a 2nd server in
> my LAN (the lan of unstable.nl). As soon as I have that up and running,
> I'll do proper load balancing of ejabberd, and I'll do it in an
> easy-to-setup way. Eh... remind me to document that, when I get to do
> it.

Sounds nice.

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