[ejabberd] loosing icq messages

-: Dave :- jabber.ru at v00d00.de
Wed Nov 16 11:45:00 MSK 2005

thanks for the info about debugging - i will start collecting debugging 
data, as soon as i visit my friend ... and send this to (both?) lists ...

i just thought, that it IS connected to ejabberd, since i changed the 
WHOLE icq transport (aim-transport vs. pyicqt) - and i still had the 
SAME problem ... have both programs a similar code/documentation base ?

so far
> I would guess that this isn't ejabberd's fault.  =D  *pulls you over  to 
> the mailing list py-transports at blathersource.org*
> Are you running PyICQ in debug mode?  (-D on the command line)  you  
> might be able to see what's going on behind the scenes then.  My gut  
> feeling is that PyICQ is probably crashing on something and it would  be 
> helpful to know what that is.  =)  BTW, you can redirect the  debugging 
> output to a file using -l filename.
> Daniel
> On Nov 15, 2005, at 11:02 AM, (-: Dave :-) wrote:
>> hi, i hope, i can post this time to this mailing list - had  problems 
>> - nevermind ...
>> hi!
>> i use ejabberd with pyicq and i have a icq buddy, who can receive  
>> messages from me, but i cant receive any messages from him.
>> details:
>> with the psi xml console, i saw the following: when he starts  typing, 
>> i get this start-typing-event, like from others, too. when  he hits 
>> return, simply nothing happens - no incoming xml message in  psi.
>> what is special about him is, he is allways invisible and i am on  his 
>> visible list - and - most important, i guess - he uses an older  
>> version of icq. i dont have the exact version in mind (sorry for  
>> that, i can investigate this). but it is about 2 years old.
>> another friend, using latest trillian, also invisible, i am also on  
>> his visible list, CAN send me messages without problems.
>> i myself can sucsessfully send messages to all.
>> what is special about my server?
>> i used ejabberd 0.9.8 with aim-transport. when i encounterd the  
>> described problems, i updated to a cvs version of ejabberd  
>> (16.10.2005) and pyicq (0.6) - so i changed the whole icq transport  
>> system, and still have the same problem.
>> my server is running debian sarge on x86.
>> if you have any suggestions, how i could solve this problem, i  would 
>> be very happy (not receiving icq messages is really annoying  - i 
>> currently run two messangers).
>> if you dont have an answer to this problem yet, i would be happy to  
>> provide you with further debug data. the server on which the  ejabberd 
>> runs, is mine and i have root. the friend with whom i have  problems, 
>> lives near me, and i visit him from time to time - so, i  have full 
>> access to all involed systems ;)
>> regards
>> dave
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