[ejabberd] Call for ejabberd translators for a new release

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Fri Nov 18 13:18:27 MSK 2005


We have worked on several new feature and the development looks  
stable in the SVN version (http://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd/trunk).
I think its time to prepare for a new release version.

People that are interested in testing the development release can  
start doing so and report potential bugs. This version is already in  
production on several sites however.

Other important tasks are translations, and it is probably time for  
translators to start updating the translation file for the different  
A previous call for translators was published by badlop, here: http:// 
The page also explains how to start translating ejabberd in a new  

Note that the current translation files are available from: http:// 

The people that already translated the previous version of ejabberd  
are expected to translate the new release. I will be updating the  
french documentation. If the last translators could confirm that they  
will be working on the new release, this will help us trying to find  
new translators for potential orphan language files.

Thank you


Mickaël Rémond

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