[ejabberd] ejabber crash

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Fri Nov 18 14:30:43 MSK 2005

You seem to continue to be dealing with a Redmond related problem :)

I'm curious why the OS needs to be from Redmond, but that's not my
business of course.....

On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 01:14:13PM +0200, Tiaan wrote:
>    I got the following error messages in the Windows event logs, logged by
>    ErlSrv.
>    ejabberd: Restarted erlang machine.
>    ejabberd: Erlang service restarted
>    Is this ejabber restating the erlang VM, or the erlang VM restarting
>    ejabberd ?

[Without much erlang experience] I'd say it's the latter. Think
hierarchically :)

ejabberd is a child process running in the VM of erlang, so it would be
a bit weird, if it were the former. Remember, ejabberd == non-native
erlang code, erlang == native (C code right?). (correct me if I'm

>    This is the second time it happened, the servers was under heavy load both
>    times when it occurred. It seems like when one crashes, the second one
>    crashes a few minutes later. Crash dumps were created, "erl_crash.dump". I
>    had to stop both, and then start them up again to get it working again.

You seem to be unwilling to isolate what causes the problem. If you
would, you would experiment with 1 node running another OS, same
ejabberd version/config. Then you'd see if the other OS would exhibit
the same problems.

Ok, you wouldn't be sure yet, since it may be the OS, or the particular
erlang binary.

ejabberd is supposed not to need monitoring (eg. monit, like I described
in another thread), but it _has_ happened once or twice on unstable.nl
(ever since I run it, so like 1 or 2 years), that it simply stopped
accepting connections, without crashing! Very nasty. That wasn't with my
current install though, it wasn't with the official Debian packages!

So it's good to monitor that you can make a TCP connection, or actual
XMPP connection. See jabbernet.dk's site for a good example, with mrtg!

>    Is there a dump analysis tool available for erlang to analyze the dump
>    file ?

Should you be asking ejabberd? Maybe an erlang community can help you
much better with that particular erlang related question?

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