[ejabberd] Newbie looking for documentation

Jean-Francois Pelletier jf at thaifarangs.com
Sat Nov 26 17:51:54 MSK 2005

Hello all,
As many of you here I guess, I wanted to get rid of Yahoo! and MSN in my company for internal chat system because of many reasons. So I discovered ejabberd and I installed and deployed it no sweat at all, even if I’m a total newbie to that stuff. The basic instructions are quite OK and the server worked on (almost) the first try. We’re using Gaim as client.
What I would like to achieve now are a few things which I’m not sure if it can be done or not. If it can, I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction to get me started. I don’t want to spend your busy and precious time to hold my hands doing things; I can probably manage by myself if I get some basic information.
What I would like to do is:
1)       Create groups of users. Is it the same as roster? For example I would like to create groups for each department in my company.
2)       Access Yahoo! and MSN through the jabber server; is it the same as Yahoo! and MSN transports? I would like to have some selected users to still be able to access Yahoo! or MSN through their jabber account. Is it possible?
3)       Encryption. Is it possible to encrypt the jabber messages somehow?
Thanks in advance all!
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