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Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 22:22:38 MSK 2005

2005/11/26, Jean-Francois Pelletier <jf at thaifarangs.com>:
> We're using Gaim as client.

> What I would like to do is:
> 1)       Create groups of users. Is it the same as roster? For example I
> would like to create groups for each department in my company.

No, the roster is particular to each account. Every individual has his
own roster.

What you want is Shared Roster Groups. One SRG per department. Check
examples of usage at the official 'ejabberd guide'

> 2)       Access Yahoo! and MSN through the jabber server; is it the same as
> Yahoo! and MSN transports? I would like to have some selected users to still
> be able to access Yahoo! or MSN through their jabber account. Is it
> possible?

Yes, you want transports.

To limit/allow use ACL and ACCESS. Check the ejabberd guide for more info.
This example allows access to the yahoo transport only to bob and luy:

{acl, yahoo_users, {user, "bob", "jabber.company.com"}}.
{acl, yahoo_users, {user, "luy", "jabber.company.com"}}.
{access, yahoot, [{allow, yahoo_users}]}.
  {5347, ejabberd_service, [
    {access, yahoot},
    {host, "yahoo.jabber.company.com",
      [{password, "secret"}]}

> 3)       Encryption. Is it possible to encrypt the jabber messages somehow?

ejabberd 0.9.8 supports encryption of connections with clients (C2S),
and Gaim does too. Make sure to enable STARTTLS (also called TLS
sometimes) both on ejabberd and on Gaim.

The next ejabberd release will support STARTTLS when connecting with
other Jabber servers (S2S).

If you are interested in end-to-end encryption (similar to PGP) so the
server has no access to the message, then you'll have to ask the
client. Gaim does not support end-to-end encryption.

Now it's my turn to ask :P :
Once you are sure ejabberd will be kept on your company, will you
accept adding your company to the list of 'Private Servers' on
http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/servers ?

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