[ejabberd] MUC Conference Room Errors

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Tue Oct 11 02:00:50 MSD 2005

Hello, Mark!

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:16:56 +0000 (UTC), you said:

 MB> I've got a successfull install of ejabberd, on an RHEL4 system.
 MB> Everything is working great except for MUC.

 MB> For some reason, whenever I make changes to certain parts of it, anything
 MB> further I try to do gets me this as a response in tkabber: query list:
 MB> Unrecoverable Error (Conference room does not exist)

 MB> I can see this in the logs:


 MB> {{case_clause,{user,"admin","mbainter","testuser"}},

It seems you have something like this in config:

{acl, admin, {user,"admin","mbainter","testuser"}}.

It is incorrect, probably you need to replace it with

{acl, admin, {user, "admin"}}.
{acl, admin, {user, "mbainter"}}.
{acl, admin, {user, "testuser"}}.

And uncomment "override_acls." in the beginning of config.

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