[ejabberd] Desperate for answers

Tiaan tiaanh at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 20:29:10 MSD 2005

 I've got a post open on the forum, but we are getting desperate for
 Our situation :
We currently run an jabberd implementation with 120 000 users, growing by
more than 2 000 per day, with no end in sight. We have 60 000 unique users
per day with 10 000 concurrent users at peak times. Our current environment
can't cope with the load, and are planning to migrate to ejabberd. The plan,
and this have been tested to some extend, is to run on Windows servers with
NLB (Network Load Balancing) and an MSSQL backend.
 We are stuck on the roster ODBC module not working correctly. Presence is
send when the user is added to the roster initially, but after that the
presence does not get send when it changes. It seems like this happens for
both MSSQL and Postgres. I've done a lot of debugging, but I don't have any
Erlang experience making progress very slow. I've noticed the record
(struct) in the normal and odbc roster modules is different, and suspect
this to be the issue ?
 We need to have the user, roster, etc information in an external database
because many of the programs running in the background uses the information.
 Can someone please help ? The plan is to have ejabber in production by the
end of next week, which is a tight deadline, but we are running out of
options with the current environment.

If you need more information, please ask.
  Another question:
How does the commercial support for ejabberd work, I read something on the
Process One website ? Can we buy development time to find a solution to this
problem ?

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