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Tiaan tiaanh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 01:00:49 MSD 2005


I also think it's in the "get_subscription_lists" function or one of the
functions that masages the data, the SQL does work, and values are passed
back, but when I compare these values to the values as passes back by
mod_roster, there is a few differences. I will send them when I'm at work

Yip, mod_roster is disabled.


On 10/12/05, Magnus Henoch <mange at freemail.hu> wrote:
> Tiaan <tiaanh at gmail.com> writes:
> > We are stuck on the roster ODBC module not working correctly. Presence
> is
> > send when the user is added to the roster initially, but after that the
> > presence does not get send when it changes. It seems like this happens
> for
> > both MSSQL and Postgres. I've done a lot of debugging, but I don't have
> any
> > Erlang experience making progress very slow. I've noticed the record
> > (struct) in the normal and odbc roster modules is different, and suspect
> > this to be the issue ?
> Not that I have even the slightest experience with ODBC (or
> Erlang+ODBC for that matter), but my suspicion is turned to the
> function get_subscription_lists in mod_roster_odbc. Does the SQL
> statement there work? Does it produce output acceptable to
> fill_subscription_lists right below? Try running the query in the
> Erlang shell; the output might be enlightening...
> BTW, in the configuration, mod_roster should be disabled. Is it?
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