[ejabberd] Presence problems

Tim Seago tim.seago at friendsprovident.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 13:02:30 MSD 2005

I'm experimenting with ejabberd, primarily for presence information,
but results differ depending on the client used.

Windows/JAJC - Roster loads but all contacts show offline whatever the
contact's actual status.

Windows/Yabber - Roster loads but contacts appear to have random
status, some shown as offline when they're online. It is possible to
chat with 'offline' users! If correctly shown as online, other status
such as DND or Away is fine.

Linux/Kopete - as Windows/JAJC

Linux/Gaim - Perfect!!

I'm guessing I've done something wrong somewhere, but I have no idea
where to start looking. Given my initial success with Gaim I started
to suspect the other clients but now I'm not so sure.
ejabberd 0.9.8

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