[ejabberd] Presence problems

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Oct 19 21:08:56 MSD 2005

Op woensdag 19 oktober 2005 18:43, schreef Tim Seago:
> Hmmm. My bad. I've figured out what's going on to some extent.
> It's all to do with subscriptions and authorisations.
> I'm thinking clients aren't consistent with how they handle this
> although it seems a very basic thing to need to get right. That's
> where my confusion comes from. Gaim works well in this respect.
> My users are largely going to be on Windows, so can a good Win client
> be advised?

Psi, Coccinella

> What would be good is an automatic authorisation to 
> subscription requests as it's just going to be used internally. I want
> to be able to see if so-and-so is in and available. We play far too
> much telephone tag around here.....

Coccinella has an option to automatically authorize subscription requests. 
Besides that you also can use maybe the Shared Roster Groups module.


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