[ejabberd] Presence problems

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Thu Oct 20 03:53:56 MSD 2005

Hello, Tim!

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:02:30 +0100, you said:

 TS> I'm experimenting with ejabberd, primarily for presence information, but
 TS> results differ depending on the client used.

 TS> Windows/JAJC - Roster loads but all contacts show offline whatever the
 TS> contact's actual status.

 TS> Windows/Yabber - Roster loads but contacts appear to have random status,
 TS> some shown as offline when they're online. It is possible to chat with
 TS> 'offline' users! If correctly shown as online, other status such as DND or
 TS> Away is fine.

 TS> Linux/Kopete - as Windows/JAJC

 TS> Linux/Gaim - Perfect!!

 TS> I'm guessing I've done something wrong somewhere, but I have no idea where
 TS> to start looking.

Most clients have a feature to display incoming and outgoing xml packets, it
would be very helpful to check these packets from connecting to becoming online
and find the difference.

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