[ejabberd] 0.9.8 segfaulting fairly often?

Max Loparyev max at city.veganet.ru
Thu Oct 20 10:49:04 MSD 2005

Daniel Henninger wrote:
> Interesting.  I may have solved the problem by upgrading OpenSSL to  
> 0.9.8a.  (from the 0.9.7 series)  Is this a known problem?  After  
> upgrading to 0.9.8a, I haven't been able to reproduce the crash once.
There are two types of secure connection implementation supported by 
ejabberd historically. One is native erlang ssl_esock and two is native 
ejabberd throw openssl. First one was deprecated and i think not tested 
by anyone in resent versions of ejabberd. So, if you are upgraging from 
very old version and not switching to tls(NOT STARTTLS, just tls) than 
you may have very strange problems.
Saionara, Max.
xmpp:mcsim at city.veganet.ru

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