[ejabberd] jd2ejd bugs

Tomasz Sterna tomasz.sterna at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 04:53:46 MSD 2005

There is a small bug with jd2ejd module.
It wasn't updated for mod_vcard_odbc.
Diff with a fix attached.

And there is a more serious bug with the ODBC layer handling.
When the SQL query is very long (ie. 79847 characters) the odbc module
breaks connection with DB. My guess is, that it doesn't handle such
large queries.

This happens especially while converting from jabberd14 to ejabberd.
This 79847 characters SQL query was generated from my 170-item roster
(most items in one or more groups).
I managed to convert by dumping all queries in debug mode and
importing them via psql command line utility. All went OK, so the
queries are correctly generated, but they are just to long to handle
by ODBC layer.

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