[ejabberd] one user logged in with multiple resources

Matthew Reilly matthew.reilly at sipphone.com
Thu Sep 1 00:38:04 MSD 2005

Q) Is it possible to configure ejabberd to send messages to all 
instances of a user who's logged in?

I created two accounts:
account1 at example.com
account2 at example.com

I had account 1 log in once, and account 2 log in twice
to the same ejabberd server (each time with a different resource):

account1 at example.com/resourcea
account2 at example.com/resourceb
account2 at example.com/resourcec

When I sent an IM from account 1 to account2 at example.com,
only the first instance of account2 received the 
IM (i.e. in this case, account2 at example.com/resourceb).

Is there a way to configure ejabberd so that if I IMed
account2, both account2 at example.com/resourceb and
account2 at example.com/resourcec would receive the IM?

Thank you very much,
Matthew Reilly
matthew.reilly at sipphone.com
Gizmo Project name: matt 

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