[ejabberd] Linux 2.6 Kernel Poll Patch

Max Loparyev max at city.veganet.ru
Fri Sep 2 21:05:04 MSD 2005

Matthew Reilly wrote:
> Thank you.
> I've uploaded your R10B-7 version of the patch to 
> http://developer.sipphone.com/ejabberd/erlang_epoll_patch/
> as well.

What i want to point on by previous post was, that its a pity, but you 
can't be used for patching original orp-R10B-6 distribution as well,
because of next string:
$Id: otp_src_R10B-6_epoll.patch,v 1.1 2005/09/02 00:18:04 mreilly Exp $

that is not a part of otp_src_R10B-6
The patch program generates reject on the first hunk when patching 
erts/emulator/sys/unix/sys.c. So you patch must be corrected or removed, 
or described in such way :)

Saionara, Max.
xmpp:mcsim at city.veganet.ru

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