[ejabberd] Linux 2.6 Kernel Poll Patch

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 01:26:54 MSD 2005

01 Sep 2005 17:04:14 -0700, Matthew Reilly <matthew.reilly at sipphone.com>:
> If you try this, please give me feedback if it crashes or causes
> ejabberd to work incorrectly.

I do the opposite: I tried it and the results are really good.
Erlang/OTP R10B-7, ejabberd 0.9.8, Linux 2.6.11. I stressed itwith
Jabsimul (3000 concurrent users for 50 minutes) and found no problems.
The performance gain is impressive.

> The patch can be obtained from:
> http://developer.sipphone.com/ejabberd/erlang_epoll_patch/
> It is still being developed/debugged, so use at your own risk.

I wrote this page on the subject
It will briefly explain kernel poll, why it's required for big
servers, link to your patch...

If you don't mind, when some days pass and nobody reports errors, that
page will be promoted to front page (to attract more beta testers) and
finally included in the 'ejabberd book' (to be part of the ejabberd

Of course, if you find errors or misconceptions on the page, want to
be properly credited... just add a comment.

PD: I hope this patch will find it's way into Open Source Erlang/OTP sometime :)

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