[ejabberd] shared dynamic roster

Christoffer Soop lists at soop.org
Mon Sep 5 14:31:56 MSD 2005


I have yet to test it but it sounds like it is pretty close assuming the
pattern check can be made against the domain part of the user's account.

The patch is quite a bit more generic (which is good) than I imagined my
suggested "shared dynamic roster" would be, but it requires more
configuration (which is bad).  I will (probably) take a closer peek and
if it doen't do what I need, learning Erlang and understanding Ejabberd
code is not to high a threshold I just might create a patch of my own.
We'll see.

The wonders of Open Source... ;-)


Chris Soop

Маркелов Александр wrote:
> Christoffer Soop пишет:
>> What would it take to create a shared, dynamic rooster such that all
>> users of a domain are automatically part of the roster?
>> Is it a large undertaking?  Difficult?
>> I believe this would be a killing feature for my customers (small
>> companies with basic internet services) everybody would autmatically see
>> everybody else in the company (=domain).
>> Sincerely
>> Chris Soop
> may be this patch help you - http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/aclpopulate
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