[ejabberd] [REGISTRATION] confirmation by admin

Serge ALGAROTTI Serge.Algarotti at ensmp.fr
Tue Sep 6 19:07:56 MSD 2005


we use ejabberd 0.7.5 (we upgrade in 0.9.8 soon).

We would like that a demand of registration of a user (with a jabber
client ) must be authorized and confirmed by the administrator of the
jabber server. The autorization could be done by mail or by web.

Is it possible ? We read the documentation and we think it's not
possible in the base configuration ?

Does this kind of scripts exist ?

thank for your help


Serge ALGAROTTI                               [http://www-cemef.cma.fr/]
Ecole des Mines de Paris-CEMEF UMR CNRS n° 7635

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