[ejabberd] acl and access.

Andrzej Smyk andrzej.smyk at kolporter.com.pl
Thu Sep 15 12:11:22 MSD 2005


In my ejabberd.cfg i have following lines:

{acl,		ggblocked,      {user, 	"some.name"}}.
{access,	ggaccess,       [{deny,	ggblocked},     {allow,  all    }]}.
{5225, ejabberd_service, [{access, ggaccess},   {hosts,
["gg.myhost.com.pl"], [{password, "secretPass"}]}]},

but id doesn't work..

I could, using login 'some.name', register with this transport but i have to
deny that.. What am I doing wrong?

Andrzej Smyk

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