[ejabberd] acl and access.

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 18:55:42 MSD 2005

> I could, using login 'some.name', register with this transport but i have to
> deny that.. What am I doing wrong?

I tried the same configuration with PyMSNt 0.10-RC3, ejabberd 0.9.8,
Tkabber 0.9.8:
 1 no problems reported on the logfile after the restart.
 2 I created an account 'some.name at localhost', logged on ejabberd.
 3 when I discover localhost, the transport is listed; but it shows no
information, no possibility to register, etc.
 4 then I create an account 'some.name2 at localhost', log in ejabberd,
discover, the transport is shown and this time i can register, see its
vcard, etc.

 - did you restart ejabberd after the changes on ejabberd.cfg?
 - did any error appear on the logfile after the restart?
 - what version of ejabberd? 
 - what client, and what version?
 - are you sure you were logged with 'some.name'?
 - you shouldn't be allowed to register, of course, but anyway: later
were you able to also use the transport as usual?

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