[ejabberd] Re: ejabberd not sending presence info

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Sun Apr 9 23:01:10 MSD 2006

Joel Nimety wrote:
> I've noticed that by ejabberd server is not sending presence
> notification to me for most accounts.  Here is an xml dump from GAIM
> only showing 2 presence notifications (at the time of this dump there
> were 30 plus people logged in).  I'm using the @all@ method to provide
> an Everyone roster to all our users.  I'm also using LDAP for
> authentication.  It also appears that this issue is only happening for
> me (jnimety).  I've tried a few clients (gaim, psi, tkabber, gossib,
> gajim) to rule out a client side issue.
> Hopefully someone has some ideas to get this resolved.
> --
> Joel Nimety

Hey Joel,

I believe I may at least have an explanation for you, if not a solution. 
  I notice that you mention you're using LDAP for authentication.  This 
is likely your problem, as it's specifically stated that the @all@ 
feature requires internal authentication:


relevant portion quoted here:
New Solution

As of revision 413 (29 September 2005) from the ejabberd Subversion 
repository, ejabberd allows the administrator to add all users on a 
virtual host to a shared roster group. When he creates a shared roster 
group on a virtual host, and specifies the members, he can put @all@, 
and ejabberd will add all users on the current virtual host.

This feature requires internal authentication. If you use external 
authentication, LDAP... then adding @all@ to a shared roster group will 
do nothing.

Hope this at least helps explain things.

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