[ejabberd] trying to run the svn checkout

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Tue Apr 11 20:18:28 MSD 2006


I almost don't dare asking again, but I need a bit help:

I compiled the svn checkout. How can I start the server?
If I
- copy the conf and bin folders from ejabberd-1.0.0,
- adapt paths and config file,
- run ejabberdctl as I would start ejabberd-1.0.0,

I get no response, no ports listening, no dump. After 30 seconds it
says: ejabberd has been started on ..., but no ports listening. I can
stop it successfully, start again. Not better.

Obviously I am tapping in the dark. It can not be so difficult to
start the svn version. Please enlighten me, what is the recommended
way to run the svn build?

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